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Created to earn, not to lose.

Nero Specification

Coin name: NERO
Ticker : NERO
Total Supply : 21 000 000 NERO
Algorithm: X11
Type: PoW + MN
Masternode reward - 75%
Miners reward - 25%
Block Time : 2 Minutes
Coins Required For Masternode: 1000
Premine: 300 000 NERO

Block distribution
100,001 - 500,00024
100001-until the last block 20

NERO is bound to succeed!

NERO - is a stable cryptocurrency that may be used for instant anonymous transactions at online marketplaces or offline commerce.

NERO is truly innovative coin, as a team of professional cryptography developers, internet-marketers, designers, SEO-specialists work to improve it. If you are reading this text now, this means our work brings results.

Masternode, as a way to break new ground.

NERO architecture network model is based on unique two-tier P2P network. Masternode owners have a unique opportunity to get regular rewards for holding, checking, and giving a blockchain to users.
Thanks to effective teamwork of each link of global network, NERO users enjoy instant transactions, anonymity, and importantly, a protection from attacks.
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Nowadays, an area of cryptocurrency is like a picture that is only in the process of creating. It has a great potential, while its background already has the colours of gold. What coin will become the hero of the day? As history has shown, it is not a Bitcoin. Probably, Ethereum or Dash? Look forward! The future is a new coin that has a great potential.

We make every effort to make NERO easy to use.
Today we offer you to get rewards using Masternode with build-in loyalty system .


Absolutely anonymous.

We guarantee not only the safe storage of NERO due to the special encryption in the wallet (already built in) but also the protection of personal information about your financial transactions.

Really instant transactions.

NERO provides users across the globe with instant transactions. An architecture of the NERO system is based on two human needs that should be satisfied - a speed and an easy to use.

International expert community.

Communicate, advise, discuss your urgent issues with like-minded people. People who have dedicated their lives to cryptocurrency are in one place. Join now!


Instant payments and quick confirmation. Much faster than Bitcoin. Your payments will be processed anywhere in the world at any time, as quickly as possible. The speed of payment, which is the distinctive advantage of a Nero. All transactions are stored in a unit of cost and can be accessed by any user at any time.



  • Marketing analysis. Initially, we analyzed the niche using a fresh approach of internet marketors, so that NERO really would met the needs of a modern investor.

  • Entering popular exchanges including Southexchange, crypto-bridge, graviex.net, immediately after pre sales.

  • Creating a large community for easy communication between NERO investors. Consult with experts and communicate with like-minded people very soon.

  • Expect adding web wallet, paper wallet, mac wallet, android wallet, ios wallet by 2019.


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